Things to Do in Port St. Johns

Port St. Johns offers a variety of outdoor activities and scenic sites to visit. For the adventurous, deep sea diving is available, as well as a selection of day and overnight hikes. You can take a wonderful walk up a series of waterfalls that tumble down from the mountainside, or you can get into your car and take a scenic drive to Agate Terrace and the other untouched beaches on the Durban side of the river. Great fishing can be enjoyed along the banks of the Umzimbuvu river and at the river mouth. If you have a boat, there is safe parking and easy access to launching sites. Port St. Johns also has a fair selection of restaurants and pubs in town, for those who enjoy a night on the town. Please contact us for more information about the activities you are interested in,and we will gladly help you get in touch with the right people. Below are some photographs showing a selection of the sites and activities available.

A useful accommodation link:


Bamba Lodge - is another self-catering establishment in town, and their website gives detailed information about all the things to do, places to eat and spots to fish in Port St. Johns. Click here for info.





Potter - Nesiwe

20 minute drive from Port St. Johns